Member of the Month

September 2019 Member of the Month

Cottage In The Woods

Owner Kathy Defur said, “Through our desire to help others, my husband and I decided to start a bed ‘n breakfast at our home through Airbnb. We call it "Cottage in the Woods". It has opened many doors to meet people from all parts of the world, people from Ontario Canada, England, and Germany. I also had the parents of a Bryan College baseball player from the Dominican Republic stay at the Cottage."

"It has been quite a journey and we have been privileged to serve so many people from many different walks of life. Several fishermen who have fished tournaments in Lake Chickamauga have stayed with us as we are only 5 minutes from the lake. All these visitors have help me attain Super Host 3 times in a row with a 5 star rating." 

"Please feel free to check out my 'Cottage in the Woods’ at, go to Sale Creek, TN and look up, Cottage in the Woods."


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